How Experts Use Time Blocking

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When you wake up in the morning, it’s not just your alarm that wakes you up, but also your mobile phone buzzing. Entrepreneurs like yourself are often multitasking throughout the day to get tasks done and meet deadlines. Putting out fires, dealing with distractions, and juggling so many areas of responsibility as a business owner is exhausting.

Imagine how much you could get done if you had no limitations. Give yourself a break and save your limited resources for when they matter. Well, as Human beings, we have limitations. However, we can try to lessen its impact by learning to manage our time effectively and in a savvy way

Without managing your time effectively, you’ll end up getting distracted and not completing other tasks that need to get done. Instead of working on the most important tasks to you and your professional goals, you might find yourself running errands or answering calls all day.

If there was some trick that leads you and your professional life toward complete fulfillment? Wouldn’t it sound too good to be true? You might think so, but it’s just the magic behind time blocking.

What is time blocking?

As discussed in one of our previous articles, time blocking is the act of allocating time to specific tasks, scheduling these blocks out in advance. It’s a great boost to productivity because it forces you to focus on one task at a time and eliminates distractions that could arise from interruptions to multitasking throughout the day.

With entrepreneurs, it encourages them to schedule some leisure time, reminding them that there is a life beyond work. Whenever you find yourself with a spare five minutes or so, take out some time for yourself to reflect, exercise, read, or do whatever else makes you feel good. You can use this as a form of self-care when you’re feeling burnt out.

How time blocking can help entrepreneurs.

For entrepreneurs, time blocking their days can be valuable for their productivity. It’s because when they plan out all their tasks for the day and allocate some time to them, they won’t have to worry about what they should do next. They will also know how much time they need to complete each task to take care of everything on time and not procrastinate on any tasks. This is important in order to achieve success as an entrepreneur.

The benefits of time blocking for entrepreneurs are plentiful. It can reduce stress by giving you clear boundaries and deadlines. You will be able as an entrepreneur to complete the most important tasks more rapidly, not dividing your focus among several projects while being still able to manage less important tasks since you’re grouping similar tasks together, in addition to:

  • Forcing you to face your priorities
  • Promoting deep work.
  • It stops you from under/overestimate time to complete a task.
  • It makes you say “NO” loudly when your colleagues ask for help, because you know you’re busy.

But how to do that?

Begin with priorities.

I know that as an entrepreneur, everything sounds like a priority?

It would be best if you took a couple of minutes to make a list of the tasks you need to do each day. Separate them into different categories and rank them by importance.

Now, take your list and block time for the important stuff for when you know your energy level is the highest. From there, divide the hours left by setting time slots for your second-most-important task and so forth. Aim to fit in the tasks that aren’t urgent but are important.

This way you’ll be able to leave the urgent yet not important tasks till tomorrow.

It’s not about clock time. It’s about productivity.

As an entrepreneur, it is tempting to follow the conventional 9-to-5 work schedule, but this often doesn’t suit well those with an “off the cuff” temperament.

Create a productivity schedule that suits you better.

For the ones who use time blocking, recommend blocking time in the calendar for when you know you are more productive or when everyone else is “offline.” Early mornings or later evenings can be much more productive than the middle of the day when you’re trying to manage several things at once.

A theme for each day.

We discussed previously on time blocking relatives such as “batching.”

This suits well for entrepreneurs because they don’t take care of just one area or department.

So it gives the possibility to dedicate each day to specific tasks/projects, from recruiting on Monday to business development on Thursday; it’s all about having your day at a glance.

Reserve breaks and time off.

It is tempting to fill every hour of your day with tasks and meetings, but that can be counterproductive if you’re not careful.

Always break up your day with an empty block of time. It can be used to rest, organize your thoughts, take a break, go for a walk, and so on.

Blocks of time for things that are important to you, should be part of your agenda, including “me time” for whatever makes you happy, time for friends and more important, your family, along with self care time.

Use Akiflow to track your time blocks.

Akiflow it’s perfect for who use time blocking to keep a clear schdule and don’t mind about checking every moment what to focus on. It is a key component to do time blocking since it can be used to create and track your blocks, avoiding schedule conflicts, and keeping you clear about the direction not only of your workday but especially of your life.

Don’t forget to Review.

Finally, it is a good idea to measure your progress periodically and update your schedule as needed. People who use time blocking usually review how they spend their time, this is essential because if, for example, you blocked out two hours to write a blog post and only need one hour, you should make the appropriate change to your next task.

In this way, you will refine the way you set your time, leading to constant improvement, both in your calendar and in your mind.

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